OctoberFest 4-H Success

We had a great turn out today at the Lindale 4-H booth.  Corazon Cattle Co. was so gracious to let us a share their booth.  If you and your family came out, you know just how well attended this event was today.  Booths of every kind, crowds of people, it was a great place for our club to get the exposure, get out more information and to make a little extra money for our club.  img_9696

We gave away two “chance drawings.”  One for a 60 minute Horse back Riding Lesson at the Sandy Point Equestrian Center and the 2nd for 10lbs of ground beef from Corazon Cattle Co.  Each ticket cost $1.  Overall, our club made $133!!  That is so wonderful considering how many booths were vying for the attention of any passersby.


So proud of our young, 4-H club members who had to get out of their comfort zones and approach the crowds to hand out information and ask if they would like to support our 4-H club.  A little bit of pep talks had to be given at the beginning but once they got the hang of it, there was no stopping them.  Because of their efforts an additional 22 kids signed up to learn more about 4-H.  We are growing!img_9700

Great job Lindale 4-H Club!  Thanks to all the members and families that gave up their afternoon to show the community what we’re about.  And, thanks again to Sandy Point Equestrian Center and Corazon Cattle Co. for your generous donation to make our fund raising so successful.img_9710


(Winners of the drawings were A. Gardner for the Horse Back lesson and Ryan Major for the 10lbs of beef).


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