Photography Scavenger Hunt


photography-scavenger-huntHave your child look over the rules and let them have fun exploring for these items.  I know some of you might not have a FANCY camera.  You DO NOT have to. That is the biggest misconception in photography. While that certainly may help, it is truly about the creativity of the person behind the camera.  There are unique gallery shows filled with photography art taken by cell phone cameras ;>).  The Scavenger Hunt explains how the perspective of the photographer can make the photo truly interesting.
I have created an Internet Web Gallery for our Lindale Photography Project.  My vision is that your children can upload their Scavenger Hunt pictures to this Shared Gallery. That in itself may be a foreign concept to you. If so, we can talk about that at one of our meetings.  I would love to see your child’s work and have everyone be inspired and share their thoughts of encouragement to one another.  This is also a great way for us to be ready and prepared when it comes time to enter our photography in a contest, fair, and 4-H State Round Up event.  As well as to have photos available when it comes time to put together our Record Books at the end of the year.  We will be ahead of the game :>)

Let’s set a deadline of October 15th to have Scavenger Hunt photos uploaded to gallery. 
This gallery also has the options to edit and apply filters (that is a photography word–but means change the tints/hues, lighten, darken etc.) to the photograph to make it more artistic and appealing to the eye. Once the image is uploaded to the gallery, your child can then edit and play around with the colors and brightness… make sure they “Save” the changes.  Again, if this is all new to you and you don’t know how to walk your child through this, let me know.
Please contact the club through our website, Facebook page or Lindale4h@aolcom for access to this Shared Link.  Once you receive it, be sure your child gives a title to the photo as to what Scavenger category it falls under.
Looking forward to meeting you all and having an awesome Photography team!  I am hoping that I can assign photographers to photograph our Club meetings, to upload pics to our Facebook page for promotion purposes.  And, to have on site photographers taking pictures at various 4-H events to publicize our club in the community.


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