Kids show off their skills at Smith County 4-H Archery Practice

The Smith County 4-H Archery project had their monthly practice today (10/15/16).  The kids are doing a great job showing off skills with the bow.  Due to the large turnout at the previous practice, we decided to break out the practice into two groups for this practice – one for younger kids and one for older kids.  This setup worked well today, as it allowed the kids more time to shoot.


We are hoping to have another practice in November.  We are still determining the date for this practice though, as the weekends before and after Thanksgiving might not be good for many people.

The Henderson County 4-H Archery group has invited us to a 4-H archery tournament in Canton, Texas, on 10/29/2016.  The registration deadline was today (10/15/16), but we have talked to them, and they are extending the registration deadline another week.  If your child is interested, please send in the registration forms early this week.  If you need to borrow bows for the tournament, or if you want to get in some extra practice, please let Todd McMakin know. Here is the link to the tournament information:

Henderson County 4-H 3D archery tournament


For all Smith County 4-H archery related questions, contact Todd at 903-952-3819 or


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