Our First Lindale 4-H Rifle Practice was a Success

The Lindale 4-H rifle program had its first rifle practice session this past Sunday, April 30, 2017.  Coach Singler had a good turnout with several families participating.  They learned and practiced essentials of firearms safety and introductory marksmanship during this practice.  We want to thank The Reload Ranch for hosting our rifle practice.

rifle10 (2)

We encourage anyone in our Lindale 4-H Club, or from any of the clubs in Smith County, to participate in these practices.  Below is some information for anyone wanting to participate.

  1. All kids must be registered in 4 H connect to be covered by 4H’s liability policy.
  2. We need volunteers to help supervise.  All volunteers must be registered in 4H connect.
  3. Shooters must have safety glasses (cheap ones from Lowes are fine) and earplugs/earmuffs. We only have 6 pairs at this time, so it would be good for kids to have their own if possible.  Prescription glasses will be considered adequate eye protection.
  4. Feel free to bring any sporting style .22 caliber rifle. Any action type including semi-auto is fine.
  5. Ammo will be provided, but you may also bring you own.
  6. Learn and review the MAT Shooting Safety Rules (see below)

If you have questions or wish to be added to to the project group’s e-mail list, please contact Gaelen Singler at 903-316-9343 or lindale4hshooting@gmail.com

MAT Shooting Safety Rules

  • Muzzle– ​Always pointed in a safe direction
  • Action– ​Always open, empty, and exposed to view until ready to shoot
  • Trigger– ​Always keep your finger off the trigger until you are ready to shoot

District 5 Food & Nutrition Competition Success for Smith County 4-H Clubs

After weeks of practice and preparation for several Smith County 4-H clubs, all of the hard work from both kids and adults has paid off.   Early on February 4 many of us drove the 2+ hours to compete against  4-H clubs within the District 5 area.  We had a great showing from Smith County and we graced the awards stage multiple times!20170204_085108

There was Food Challenge:

Food Display:


Food Show:


Food Poster:

Food Quiz  Bowl:

Food Ag ID:

Every competition was entered, except the Food Quiz Bowl (maybe next year).

Smith County walked away with-

1st and 2nd place ribbons for the Food Challenge in the Junior Division.



2nd Place in Food Display in Junior Division.

1st Place in Food Show in Junior Division.

1st Place in Team Food Ag ID  in Junior Division.

4th and 5th Place in Individual Ag ID in Junior Division.

4th in Ag ID in Intermediate Division.


So proud of all of our kids that participated. We hope that there will be continued interest and growth in the Food and Nutrition Project.

Smith County 4-H Archery Bows Stolen

We are very upset to announce that all the Smith County 4-H archery bows, as well as the instructor’s personal bows, have been stolen.  These bows were taken from a residence in the Lindale area.  The Smith County Sheriffs Department is involved, but we are asking for any help from all of East Texas to be on the lookout for these bows.  If you have any information, please contact Todd at 903-952-3819 or SmithCounty4HArchery@gmail.com.

Here are some of the bow descriptions:

Genesis Bows

We had 13 Genesis Bows (3 black, 3 blue, 1 pink, 1 green, 1 yellow, 4 red) – Some may have SC 4-H written on the side, and some may not have it.  Some have sights installed, and some are missing that.

Kids Pink/Red Plastic Bows

We had 2 kids pink/red plastic bows for the younger kids to practice with.


Eastman Recurve

We had one Eastman Recurve bow, that was grey plastic.


Sarrels Blueridge

We had one Sarrels Blueridge bow.

Bob Lee Hunter Takedown Recurve Bow

We had one Bob Lee Hunter Takedown Recurve bow.

October Mountain Products Explorer 2.0 Recurve Bow

We had one October Mountain Products Explorer 2.0 Recurve Bow.


Please help us track down these bows so we can continue to teach archery to the 4-H kids.

Smith County 4-H Archery Group competes in Henderson County 2nd Annual 4-H 3D Archery Tournament

Several members from our Smith County 4-H Archery project group enjoyed spending the day at the Henderson County 2nd Annual 4-H 3D Archery Tournament, held this past Saturday, October 29, 2016.  The tournament was held at On Target Archery in Canton, Texas, with 30 3-D targets set at varying distances.

Smith County had seven entrants: Laura Whatley, Asher Cade, Adriana Engbrock, Kelvin Wallace, TJ Harris, Elizabeth McMakin, and Todd McMakin.14889911_10154650017587365_2164663081575245180_oGroups were divided by bow type, age, and county so that each entrant would get a chance to interact with kids from other regions.  The target setup was challenging but fun.  Everyone had a good time and several of the group received awards in their division.  This was a good learning experience, and each of us learned a few of our strengths and weaknesses.

As a first tournament for most in our group, this was a good chance for us to see where we need to improve.  The joy of archery is that, for the most part, it is an individual sport.   To shoot effectively in a tournament situation, we must remember all the little things that make us shoot better, but at the same time, it’s tough to shoot in front of people you don’t know.  I am very proud of all the members who signed up for the shoot.  At this stage in our shooting, score matters less than simply making the effort to get involved.


Our next tournament opportunity will be November 12th with the Tyler Archery Club at a veteran’s benefit shoot.  I hope to see many of our group at this event.  It will not follow standard 4-H tournament rules but it will be a good opportunity to have some fun and again learn more about the areas where we can work to improve.

Our next practice will be on November 19th at my house in Lindale.  I realize many of you may be traveling for Thanksgiving during this time, and I apologize for making it so close to the holiday.  We will again divide the group younger kids (up to 6th grade) from 3 to 4:30pm and older kids (7-12th grade) from 4:30 to 6pm.  I recommend bringing your own chairs for watching your children shoot.  As always, wear long pants and closed toe shoes.

Please contact me, Todd McMakin, at 903-952-3819 or Smithcounty4HArchery@gmail.com if you have any questions.


Picture credit: Lisette Whatley and Henderson County 4-H Outdoor Sports/Archery group.

October Club Meeting

We had another well attended 4-H Club meeting.  Thank you to all of the 4-H club members and parents that came and supported our club.  It is always so encouraging to see so many smiling faces who are excited about what 4-H has in store for their future.


Livestock Project Group


The Livestock Project group met at 6:00pm, prior to our club meeting at  6:30pm.  This was our first meeting in the activity room inside of the Lindale Library.  We are so grateful to the library for letting us use their facilities.   We also appreciate Amanda Froebe, Ryan Major and Jill Rhae who brought the goodies and snacks for all of our families to enjoy while we held the meeting.

During the meeting we introduced a parliamentary procedure activity in the hopes that we could teach the kids how 4-H club meetings are to be organized.  IT got a little loud and crazy at times (guess that is what happens when you make Trail Mix with about 30+ kids in the room) . But hopefully, it was beneficial and most importantly FUN!  Our goal is to vote our youth into officer roles in the coming months and have them lead the meetings and perform the meetings using the customary parliamentary procedure method.


Bethany speaking to the club about YES Camp.

We are still working on details and dates for many of the 4-H projects that many have shown interest in.  Be on the lookout for emails and Facebook posts about Dog Training, Photography, Sewing, Robotics, Cooking and of course all of the others that have already met with their Project Leaders.

Also, be watching for emails and Facebook posts about our involvement in the Lindale Christmas parade scheduled on December 3, 2016.

If you would like to view our meeting agenda from the October meeting you can click here: 10-17-164hagenda

Club T-shirts are now in.  IF you ordered a tshirt, be sure to contact our club to pick it up.  $10

Our next club meeting is scheduled for November 21, 2016, 6:30pm, Lindale Library.

Photo Credit: Elizabeth McMakin (4-H Club Member)

OctoberFest 4-H Success

We had a great turn out today at the Lindale 4-H booth.  Corazon Cattle Co. was so gracious to let us a share their booth.  If you and your family came out, you know just how well attended this event was today.  Booths of every kind, crowds of people, it was a great place for our club to get the exposure, get out more information and to make a little extra money for our club.  img_9696

We gave away two “chance drawings.”  One for a 60 minute Horse back Riding Lesson at the Sandy Point Equestrian Center and the 2nd for 10lbs of ground beef from Corazon Cattle Co.  Each ticket cost $1.  Overall, our club made $133!!  That is so wonderful considering how many booths were vying for the attention of any passersby.


So proud of our young, 4-H club members who had to get out of their comfort zones and approach the crowds to hand out information and ask if they would like to support our 4-H club.  A little bit of pep talks had to be given at the beginning but once they got the hang of it, there was no stopping them.  Because of their efforts an additional 22 kids signed up to learn more about 4-H.  We are growing!img_9700

Great job Lindale 4-H Club!  Thanks to all the members and families that gave up their afternoon to show the community what we’re about.  And, thanks again to Sandy Point Equestrian Center and Corazon Cattle Co. for your generous donation to make our fund raising so successful.img_9710


(Winners of the drawings were A. Gardner for the Horse Back lesson and Ryan Major for the 10lbs of beef).