District 5 Food & Nutrition Competition Success for Smith County 4-H Clubs

After weeks of practice and preparation for several Smith County 4-H clubs, all of the hard work from both kids and adults has paid off.   Early on February 4 many of us drove the 2+ hours to compete against  4-H clubs within the District 5 area.  We had a great showing from Smith County and we graced the awards stage multiple times!20170204_085108

There was Food Challenge:

Food Display:


Food Show:


Food Poster:

Food Quiz  Bowl:

Food Ag ID:

Every competition was entered, except the Food Quiz Bowl (maybe next year).

Smith County walked away with-

1st and 2nd place ribbons for the Food Challenge in the Junior Division.



2nd Place in Food Display in Junior Division.

1st Place in Food Show in Junior Division.

1st Place in Team Food Ag ID  in Junior Division.

4th and 5th Place in Individual Ag ID in Junior Division.

4th in Ag ID in Intermediate Division.


So proud of all of our kids that participated. We hope that there will be continued interest and growth in the Food and Nutrition Project.


Smith County Food & Nutrition Extravaganza Contest this Past Weekend

We want to thank everyone who participated or helped with the County Food & Nutrition Extravaganza this past Saturday.  We hope all the kids enjoyed the contests, and hopefully most are looking forward to participating in the district competition on Saturday, February 4, at SFA in Nacogdoches. The first contest will start at 8am, so it will be an early drive.  We can’t wait to represent Smith County!

Food Project Meeting

We had an excellent turnout tonight for the Food Project. Information about each contest was given. We also had a mock Quiz Bowl activity, practiced making a cucumber into a garnish and made a no bake Thanksgiving dessert. If your child is interested in joining a team or individually competing, please let us know ASAP. County competition is January 7, 2017. We need to start practicing and preparing.

To view the Power Point Presentation that gives a condensed version of what the Food Project has to offer you can click on the link below.


An email was sent out the following day. We have it attached below so that you may see what to plan for and where the need is for participants.

We had a good turnout at our Smith County 4-H Food & Nutrition Project meeting on Tuesday evening.  For those that are interested in the contest, but were not able to join us for the meeting, we want to pass along some of the information discussed.

The Smith County Food Extravaganza is Saturday, January 7, 2017 at the Extension Office in Tyler.

The District Food & Nutrition Extravaganza is Saturday, February 4, 2017, at Stephen F Austin University in Nacogdoches.

There are several individual and team competitions:

  • Food Show
  • Food Show Display
  • Food Challenge team event)
  • Nutrition Quiz Bowl (team event)
  • Ag ID
  • Poster Contest (you don’t have to be present at the contests to enter a poster)

Here is a link to the presentation given last night discussing the different contests.

A PDF version of the presentation is also attached.

We need to be forming the teams for the Nutrition Quiz Bowl and Food Challenge within the next week in order to get them ready for county and district competitions.
– For the food challenge, we still have room for more people on the Junior and Intermediate teams (will probably have at least 2 junior teams), and really need 1-3 more seniors who might like to participate so the seniors can have a team.
– For the Nutrition Quiz Bowl, we need 1-2 more juniors to help make up the 2 teams, and really need at least 1 more intermediate to help make the team (teams can be 3-4 members).  Seniors can have a team, but we will need at least 3 interested kids to form it.

Please look over the different contests, and let us know via e-mail (lindale4hclub@aol.com) if your child is interested in any of the competitions.  We have study guides and information for most of the competitions, and we will be sending more e-mails to those interested soon.

First Food and Nutrition Project Meeting